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    Hello, welcome to Shandong Keyu Energy official website! Service Hotline:0543-8153188中文版 English

    Circular economy demonstration unit

    First-class equipment, exquisite craftsmanship, strict management

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    For the sake of
    “An international professional company trusted by users of international professional companies trusted by users”And struggle

    To build "The international professional
            company trusted by the user" Struggle
    • Riding the wind and breaking the waves Strive forward

      The Yellow River falls to the East China Sea,Wan Lihao enters his heart。Shandong Keyu Energy Co., Ltd. is located in Binzhou City, the central city of the Yellow River Delta.,Located in Yangxin Economic Development Zone, Shandong,Here is the link between the Shandong Peninsula and the Beijing-Tianjin economic region.,Convenient transportation,Excellent investment environment。
    • Vitality Keyu start sailing

      Keyu Company has received strong support from all walks of life in the development process.,The company returns the society with gratitude,Prosperous economy、Solve employment、Responsible for social responsibility in terms of stability and harmony,Rely on the economic strength of gradual growth,And a high degree of social responsibility,Get City、The county government department is highly affirmed。
    • Innovation management Strategizing

      “Less talk、Do more practical things,Condensed into a strong,Can do big things!盇s a work style of Keyu development,Adhere to the cultivation of talents as the source of enterprise development,Through regular high-level training courses、External security、Environmental protection、Firefighting、Energy management expert instruction,Cultivate and build a team of comprehensive talents who understand both management and management。
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    “Reject mediocrity Pursuit of excellence Create a better future!”


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